Proving Accident Innocence? Check For Surrounding Surveillance


The world is a lot more connected now than it was in even the last decade. Cameras are attached to so many buildings, and they're often higher in quality than the old, grainy security cameras that could barely identify a person's face. More people are walking around with smartphones, and lingering information from other electronic sources are available for anyone willing to dig a little digger for context. Here are a few surveillance areas to consider if you need some innocence proof surrounding an accident.

Tracking Down And Retrieving Security Footage

Was your accident near a business? Even on busy highways, many businesses and organizations have cameras that point outwards to cover parking lot responsibility in case of a theft that goes in a certain direction. In many cases, the surveillance will also be able to capture an accident on a highway or surrounding streets.

No matter the angle, you need the right materials to get the evidence you need. Never assume that the company or organization holding security information will give you the materials you need; carry around a small package of CDs, DVDs, and a USB drive/thumb drive to cover the bases for the most common, modern storage media.

Modern video surveillance systems with recording features will use one of those methods for saving information. Your personal copy won't necessarily be the be-all, end-all proof because of the ability to edit video, but you should at least have a copy in case your legal rival sabotages the footage somehow or the information is otherwise lost.

Make sure to have a car accident attorney on your side when you head out for the surveillance search. Time is of the essence, so it's understandable that you may want to rush out for fastest copy you can get your hands on, but if the evidence is available, an attorney can do what it takes to get independent review and court verification for the information you have. If that means sending a police officer or judge staff to verify, so be it.

Asking For Evidence From Private Parties

After a wreck happens, it's not unheard of for someone to whip out a phone and start recording. It's a controversial part of modern society, but it can work to your advantage while pinning the burden on your legal opponent.

Take to social media and ask for anyone who may have seen your accident. The information can be uploaded to the social media platform, sent to your attorney, or sent to the court--whatever is fast and convenient.

Any footage is helpful, as even post-accident video can give some information about how the cars collided based on their position after collision and the direction of debris or tire marks. Contact a car accident attorney, discuss your situation, and get creative when it comes to tracking down evidence that could win your case.


25 April 2017

Talking About Car Accident Cases

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