Protect Your Interests With Full Engagement — Questions To Ask Your Attorney After A Dog Bite


Dogs have long been said to be man's best friend, but if you have an unfortunate run-in that leaves you dealing with injuries from a bite, it's important to leave friendship at the door. It may be hard to imagine dog bites as being particularly serious, but the risk of substantial injury — both physical and mental — is substantial enough that you need to be protected.

Below, you'll find a guide to some questions you should be sure to ask your injury attorney after you're bitten by a dog. Since dog bites are relatively rare, it's natural to be unsure of your rights, but you should be careful not to let that uncertainty spill over into hesitancy.

Ask About Veterinary History

First and foremost, after being bitten, you goal should be to make sure you don't suffer from any long-term health effects. While your physician will be able to treat a puncture wound and any resulting structural damage, you may have concerns about diseases or other ailments that might be spread by a bite.

Your lawyer should be able to quickly determine whether full veterinary records are available for the dog in question. Having gathered that information, you can work forward from the records and determine if there are any underlying issues which pose a serious threat to your well being.

Ask About Animal Observation

There are some medical issues that may not show up in a dog's veterinary history, and some dogs may have incomplete or completely missing records. After a bite, it's important that a dog be contained in order to be observed, and you have the right to be active in that process.

Make sure to ask your attorney about the results of that observation. Not only will medical issues come to the forefront, but you may also become aware of temperament problems that could be a clue as to why you were attacked and which may allow you to properly locate blame for the incident.

Ask About Settlement Offers

Ultimately, whether you're dealing with an individual dog owner or a local government body, it's unlikely that a dog bite incident will be dragged through a full trial. The facts are generally well established, and since the violent party can't offer much in the way of compensation, it's important to consider the best settlement offer and move on. A definitive conclusion is likely the best way to settle your mental anguish and allow you to find the best possible outcome.


3 May 2017

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