Protecting Your Small Business From False Injury Claims


If you own your own small store, you will be dealing with customers who visit your establishment daily. While most of these customers will not pose a threat to your business, there is the chance of someone falsifying an injury on your property in an attempt to receive monetary compensation. Here are some tips you can use to minimize the likelihood of being the victim of a false injury claim.

Keep Log Books Regarding Your Business' Upkeep

It is extremely important to have information pertaining to the condition of both the interior and exterior of your establishment on hand. This will help in proving you were diligent in doing maintenance so each of your customers were kept safe while on your property. A log book can be kept with information about how often you clean floors, walkways, and parking areas. Documentation showing any repair work done should also be kept. If you hire an outside service to handle maintenance, keep receipts and schedules in a folder by date to prove you were in no way negligent with the care of your business grounds.

Install Security Features To Aid In Protection

Placing security cameras in your establishment will come in handy if you are threatened with a false injury suit. The footage will help in proving someone had falsely accused you of getting injured and may show them looking for the perfect location to put on an act for others to see. Place cameras in obscured locations so they are not visible to customers as they walk around your establishment. Placing a sign on the premises indicating you have cameras within the building may thwart a fake injury action altogether as those trying to pull off an act will be worried about where to perform it without catching incriminating movements on film.

Get To Know Your Customers Personally

Taking the time to greet each person who walks into your establishment can make a huge difference in how people perceive your business. Knowing each person who visits will make it less likely that someone will try to pull off a fake injury stunt. The people coming into the business will enjoy being recognized by you and your employees, while those whose intentions are to pretend to get hurt may decide to move onto another location if as they will be more likely to be remembered by workers if they were given attention when coming into your building.

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9 May 2017

Talking About Car Accident Cases

Hello everyone, my name is Nina Zoulon. On this site, I am going to share information about hiring a personal injury attorney. I will also talk about my journey to procuring those services for myself. When I was a beginning driver, I was on the road constantly. During one of those excursions, a driver going the opposite direction crossed the centerline and plowed straight into my vehicle. I was trapped by the dashboard for hours while firefighters helped me escape. After the accident, the other driver tried to blame my inexperience on the accident. I hired a lawyer to help me fight the case and I won. I would like to discuss personal injury attorney services in more detail to help other people win their cases in court. Thanks.