Have You Scheduled A Consultation With A Social Security Disability Attorney? What You Should Bring With You And Why


Most social security disability attorneys offer a free consultation. This consultation is beneficial to both you and the attorney. It allows you to get to know the attorney and decide if you like them or want to hire them. And it allows the attorney to get to know you and the details of your case, allowing them to determine if they want to take your case on. If you have scheduled a consultation with one of these lawyers, there is some key pieces of information that you should bring along, if you have them. They can help the attorney learn more about your medical issues, where the case may stand and what the likelihood of you winning your case may be. Here are some of the things you should bring with you when you have a consultation with a social security disability attorney and why they are important.

Any Recent Medical Reports You May Have

If you have any recent medical reports, you should bring them along with you to your consultation with a social security disability attorney. Recent medical reports allow an attorney the opportunity to read what your current medical issues are, what your treatment plan is, and the reasons you are unable to work. If you do not have any recent reports, be sure that you know what your exact diagnosis is and the reasons you are unable to work and feel you should collect social security disability payments.

Any Denial Letters From Social Security

If you have applied for social security benefits on your own, you may have been denied. If you were denied, you may be reaching out to a social security disability lawyer for assistance in appealing the decision or re-filing. If you were denied benefits, it is important to bring the denial letter with you to your consultation. There is a limited time frame for appealing a denial, based on the stage your case is at. An attorney needs to know when the denial was issued so they know whether they can appeal the decision or whether they need to start over with the filing process.

Any Paperwork Filed With Social Security

If you have attempted to file for benefits on your own, whether now or in the past, you should bring along any paperwork that was filed with social security. This gives an attorney an idea as to what information social security was informed about, what may have been omitted and how likely it is that you may get your claim accepted or denied based on what was filed.

The majority of social security disability lawyers work on a contingency basis. This means that they do not take any payments from you. Instead, they are paid a portion of the back benefits they help to earn for you. Because of this, they have to carefully consider whether you will get approved for benefits. If they do not have all of the information, they may be unable to make this determination and decline to take on your case. This is why it is so important to bring along medical reports, acceptance or denial letters from social security or any paperwork that may have been filed with social security for disability payments.


29 June 2017

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