Injured In An Accident? 4 Issues Your Attorney Will Need To Know About


If you've been involved in an accident and you're filing a claim for your injuries, open communication with your attorney is a must. You'll need to share every bit of information about the accident that you can remember. One way to remember more details about the accident is to keep an accident journal. That will allow you to jot down information as you remember it. These details will help an attorney like Richard M Altman provide you with the best legal counsel possible. In addition to details about the accident, you'll also need to provide your attorney with other vital information. Here are four things your attorney will need to know about. Failing to divulge the following details could cause you problems later.

Have You Had Prior Accidents and Injuries?

If you've been involved in other car accidents and sustained injuries during the incidents, you'll need to share that information with your attorney — even if the details are completely different. If the insurance company wants to get out of paying you a settlement — and that can happen — they may try to use your prior accidents as grounds for denying payment. For instance, they may try to say that your injuries are related to the previous accident. By telling your attorney in advance, they can work to overcome those arguments and help you get the settlement you deserve.

Are You Filing for Divorce?

If you're going to be filing for divorce, you'll need to tell your attorney as soon as possible. Your spouse may be entitled to a portion of your settlement, especially if you live in a community property state, such as California. Letting your attorney know in advance will help them work out an arrangement that's fair and amicable for both of you.

Are You Involved in Recent Bankruptcies?

If you've recently filed for bankruptcy, your creditors could go after your insurance settlement. In many cases, the courts can decide that a new insurance settlement is fair game for creditors after a bankruptcy. Your attorney may be able to make arrangements with the bankruptcy court to allow you to keep a percentage of your insurance settlement. However, if you don't tell your attorney about the bankruptcy, you may end up having all your settlement confiscated for debt payment.

Do You Have a Criminal History?

If you have a criminal history, you need to tell your attorney about it. This is particularly true if you have a conviction related to driving, such as a DUI. During their investigation, the opposing side may discover your convictions and try to use that information against you. If you fail to tell your attorney about the convictions, they won't be prepared to fight those arguments. Regardless of the convictions, or how long ago they occurred, you need to tell your attorney about them.


18 July 2017

Talking About Car Accident Cases

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