3 Reasons You Need An Attorney For Accidents Involving A Semi


You share the road with many drivers on a daily basis. Some of these drivers are professionals who sit behind the wheel of a semi truck. Although semis play a critical role in transporting goods across the country, these vehicles can pose a serious hazard when they are not operated correctly.

Being involved in an accident with a semi truck can create some difficulty when it comes to pursuing compensation for your injuries and any damage sustained by your vehicle. Here are three reasons why you should seek the help of an experienced attorney for accidents involving a semi.

1. An attorney can help you decide who to take to court.

Unlike auto accidents involving two private passenger vehicles, there is a commercial component to auto accidents involving a semi. Because semi trucks are operated by professional drivers, it can be challenging to determine who is responsible for covering the financial costs associated with your accident.

You may not want to take the driver to court if he or she was operating on behalf of a trucking company at the time of the accident. It is likely the trucking company's insurance company who is responsible for covering the costs of your accident, and having an attorney help you determine who to take to court can be a great way to ensure you get the financial compensation you need.

2. Transportation regulations could affect your legal case.

When it comes to semi trucks, a complex set of state and federal regulations govern these commercial vehicles. If a semi truck driver violates any of these state or federal regulations, these violations could mean that you are entitled to additional compensation for your accident.

Working with an attorney who specializes in litigating auto accidents involving semi trucks ensures that you will have access to an ally with extensive knowledge of both state and federal trucking regulations.

3. Insurance companies want to settle.

The companies that insure large commercial trucking operations want to keep costs low when it comes to resolving auto accident cases involving semi trucks. You will likely be offered a settlement by an insurance company if you are involved in an accident with a semi.

Working with an attorney gives you access to a professional with the knowledge and resources required to determine if the settlement offer is a good one, or if you should pursue your case in court in order to gain access to the financial compensation you deserve.

If you are involved in an accident with a semi, be sure to seek the help of an experienced attorney to find more help. Your attorney will be able to help you decide who to take to court, if any transportation regulations were violated by the semi driver, and whether or not a settlement offer you receive is fair so that you can resolve your accident case as quickly and effectively as possible.


7 September 2017

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