Four Places Your Lawyer Might Get Evidence In Your Truck Accident Case


If you have been injured in an accident with a semi-truck or other large commercial vehicle, then you absolutely need to work with an attorney. You probably have a strong personal injury case against the driver -- if your lawyer can collect the right evidence. So that you know what to assume in the coming months, read on to discover four places your lawyer may look for that evidence that the driver is at-fault for your collision.

1. Driver Records

Commercial drivers are required to keep records showing when they were on the road, how long they drove, and when they took breaks. They are mandated to take breaks at certain frequencies to prevent them from becoming overly tired when behind the wheel. Your lawyer will examine these records. If there is evidence that the driver who hit you was driving too long without a rest or putting in too many miles per day, this could be taken as evidence that they were too tired to be driving and are therefore at-fault for the collision.

2. Witnesses

It's hard to overlook a truck accident when you're driving down the highway. So, anyone who saw the accident will remember it, and they can give their account of what happened to help prove the driver is at-fault. If a witness says they saw the truck enter your lane, merge without checking the mirror, etc, this is evidence that will help you.

3. Truck Maintenance Records

Sometimes, issues with the brakes or other parts of the truck might contribute to the collision, even if they are not completely to blame. To determine whether this is the case in your accident, your lawyer will look over the vehicle maintenance records. If there was an appointment for the truck to have its brakes replaced the next day, for example, this could be evidence that the driver knew the truck was not safe to drive but drove it anyways.

4. Drug Tests

If a drug test has not already been administered to the driver, your lawyer will demand that one is taken. Substance and alcohol abuse are common among long-distance truckers, who may turn to the substances to break up the monotony and loneliness that can come with their profession. If the driver was high or drunk when they hit you, then they are absolutely to blame for the accident and will probably face criminal charges for their actions, too.

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6 December 2017

Talking About Car Accident Cases

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