When You Get Hurt In The Wallet From A Car Wreck


You may be all too familiar with how your body feels after you've sustained injuries from a careless driver, but sooner or later the pain will hit you in your budget area as well. You'll feel it the most in one big and expensive place, so read on to learn more about the financial impact a car wreck is going to have on your life.

The high cost of medical expenses

Most people are shocked when they get billed for a medical service, even if their healthcare insurance is footing the bill. Skyrocketing medical costs can affect you even more so if you are in an accident, and it may be difficult to get the auto insurance carrier to pay some or all of the costs.

If you are counting on the at-fault driver's insurance carrier to cover your medical expenses, your expectations may be fulfilled in most cases. Some people have adequate coverage amounts to cover things like hospital stays and surgeries that may be needed as a result of the wreck. The reality of the situation, however, it that you may be facing a challenge to get them to cover everything you need. Here are some common issues that might prompt you to seek legal action to get your medical bills covered:

1. The carrier is balking at paying for some treatments that they claim are not required. You can rest assured that if your doctor ordered it, you need it. You should not have to worry about the details of treatment when you are in an emergency situation.

2. The carrier is refusing to pay for very expensive things like air transport to the proper trauma center level. Not everyone lives near the type of hospital that handles extremely severe injuries, so often there is need to for an air ambulance to take you from the scene of the accident to a trauma center. This ride will turn out to be very expensive but was needed to save your life. You might be billed for the $50,000 cost if the insurance carrier claims it was an unnecessary expense.

3. The carrier is reluctant to consider your future medical needs. You may need ongoing physical therapy or surgery later on down the road, but the carrier may not want to pay for that future need. You may need to take legal action to ensure that funds are available for any medical treatment in the foreseeable future.

Don't allow the other driver's careless actions hit you in the wallet. Speak to an auto injury attorney and get the funds and coverage you need to heal. 


14 April 2018

Talking About Car Accident Cases

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