Documentation After An Auto Accident To Preserve Your Personal Injury Case


When it comes to auto accidents, gathering information is essential to any personal injury case. Your injuries are important, and getting help for the injuries is vital. When police are called to the scene, they will interview the parties, review the scene, and talk to any witnesses that were present. If possible, you will want to take pictures of the scene, of your injuries, and of any damage to your vehicle that was a result of the accident. While your medical care is the most important and you need to get help immediately, documenting the entire accident once you are able will make a difference if you want to file a personal injury case.

Your Injuries From the Start

Even if you aren't ready to file a personal injury lawsuit, take pictures of your injuries if they are visible. Write in a journal every day to talk about what is going on, the changes you have gone through since the accident, and how you are feeling. Take pictures often to show your healing. You will want to seek medical care right away to get a baseline of your injuries and to begin the healing process.

The Accident Report and Inaccuracies

You may discover that the accident report written by the responding officer has some inaccuracies in it. The accident report establishes fault for the accident and anything that assigns more fault to you is not good. When you see that there are mistakes on the report, talk to the responding officer. The less you are at fault, the higher your financial compensation may be. Look through the accident report carefully to see if it makes sense to you.

Your Losses From the Accident

When you are hurt in an accident, your losses are the reason you file a lawsuit in the first place. If your property is fine and you went right back to work, you don't have a lawsuit to file. If you can't work and you have medical bills, these are losses you can be compensated for. Keep track of all of your bills from the accident, and keep everything you have in one place to make your information easy to access.

If you are considering a personal injury lawsuit, you can meet with an auto accident injury attorney in an initial consultation. You will want to bring all of your documentation with you to give your attorney a chance to see everything that is going on with your potential case.


30 March 2019

Talking About Car Accident Cases

Hello everyone, my name is Nina Zoulon. On this site, I am going to share information about hiring a personal injury attorney. I will also talk about my journey to procuring those services for myself. When I was a beginning driver, I was on the road constantly. During one of those excursions, a driver going the opposite direction crossed the centerline and plowed straight into my vehicle. I was trapped by the dashboard for hours while firefighters helped me escape. After the accident, the other driver tried to blame my inexperience on the accident. I hired a lawyer to help me fight the case and I won. I would like to discuss personal injury attorney services in more detail to help other people win their cases in court. Thanks.