3 Tips for Those Involved in a Non-Injury Traffic Accident


Chances are that you or a family member in your immediate household has been involved in at least one non-injury traffic accident over the past few years. Fender benders and minor contacts with other vehicles, structures, objects, and animals are some of the most common non-injury accidents. 

Although the fact that no injuries occurred is comforting, one or both drivers may end up with questions about the way their settlement was handled. If you drive frequently and would like to know some proactive tips to use should you be involved in a non-injury traffic accident, here are three things you need to know. 

Report the accident even if the other driver is reluctant to do so

It is common after a non-injury traffic accident for the at-fault driver to suggest handling the insurance claim privately without making a formal legal report. While technically only required in some states, calling 911 to report the accident provides you with the official accident report that your insurance company will need to process your claim. 

If another driver is attempting to dissuade you from calling 911, there is the real possibility that they have an issue they are concealing, such as no current insurance or license to drive. 

Make sure your location is safe for you and others in the area

If the accident happens in a parking lot or other location where traffic is not a concern, leaving the cars in place until law enforcement arrives is the best plan. This will enable the responding officer to help determine the cause of the crash and include that information in their report.

Another reason for not moving the vehicles is if there is damage that permits you from safely doing so. If, however, the accident you are involved in is located dangerously near traffic, you should always strive to move to a safer location, either on foot or in your vehicle. 

Take pictures or make notes to document the accident 

If you can safely do so, taking a few moments to document the scene, damage to the vehicles, skid marks, and any location identifiers, like street signs or landmarks, can be helpful when dealing with your insurance claim. You may also want to snap a photo of the license plate, insurance card, and driver's license information the other driver is providing. 

In some cases, injuries from even low-speed crashes can occur hours or days after the actual accident. For these reasons and more, taking time to discuss the accident with an auto accident attorney will help make sure that you get compensation for what has occurred.


30 April 2019

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