Struck By Traffic At A School Bus Stop? What To Do Next


Every year, school districts and school bus companies warn their communities to follow the traffic laws in regards to school buses and stopping when the buses stop. Every year, there are tragic stories of kids who have been injured or killed because other drivers on the road failed to follow these laws. If your child was recently struck by a car that failed to follow these specific traffic laws, you should definitely sue. Here is what you need to do next. 

Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer

Without a doubt, you and your child need to hire a personal injury lawyer right away. Nothing good will come of this awful situation unless you do. The lawyer can begin working on your case right away, and sorting out all of the compensation that is due to you and your child from this accident. If your child was actually killed as a result of the accident, you may sue for more money for pain and suffering, and for funeral costs, if that is what you want to do. 

Find out If the Bus Had a Traffic Camera

Because of the increasing dangers on the road with school buses, some cities have been outfitting buses with traffic or dash cameras that record video or take pictures of cars that speed past a stopped bus. Find out if the bus your child was riding on the day of the accident was equipped with a traffic camera. Then ask the bus company for the picture or footage of what happened. Give the photos or footage to your personal injury lawyer. 

Get the Bus Driver to Testify, If Necessary

Most bus drivers take their jobs very seriously. They like kids, and want to help them get home safely; that is why they drive buses. Your child's bus driver undoubtedly saw the whole accident happen, in which case, you should get him/her to testify. If the lawsuit does not go to court, or if there is no criminal trial, then the bus driver does not have to testify. However, it helps to have the bus driver on board with being part of the lawsuit process. 

Find Other Witnesses or Traffic Cameras That Can Help Your Case

Stranger things happen. Maybe the buses do not have traffic cameras. Maybe the bus driver did not see what happened because he/she was trying to get the other kids on the bus to settle down. If either of those scenarios applies, search for other witnesses to the accident and any other traffic cameras that might have been in the area. 

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4 September 2019

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