Dog Attack On Your Premises: Instances You May Need Legal Help To Prevent Severe Consequences


The law requires you to maintain a relatively safe environment for people entering your premises. This includes controlling potentially dangerous animals to prevent them from attacking your guests. As such, you must put up warning signs around your yard. They should boldly state that anyone accessing your premises risks suffering harm caused by your dogs. That said, your canine might still attack your visitors regardless of taking all the necessary safety measures. This might prompt the victim to take legal action to get compensation for their injuries. If this is the case, consider hiring a personal injury lawyer to defend you, especially in the following instances.

After an Attack on Your Invited Guests 

You must ensure that everyone on your premises is safe. Therefore, if a dog attacks a visitor on your property, you may have to take responsibility for the losses the victim incurs after the attack. However, complainants must prove that you were negligent. Or that the attack happened because you failed to take the necessary protection measures. That said, you should know there may be legal defenses to the attack. Thus, consider hiring a personal injury law attorney dealing with dog bite cases to help you avoid facing severe consequences. They will investigate the incident to know the arguments to raise to prove that you never did anything wrong. For instance, they might argue that you had warned your canine not to hurt your visitor. But your guest provoked them, leading to the attack. In this case, you should not take responsibility for the losses caused by the incident.

 After an Attack on Trespassers

Trespassers have a right to bring a claim against you when your dog attacks them on your premises. But, you're not supposed to take liability if the plaintiff was on your premises to commit burglary or any other criminal offense. Your injury lawyer can build a strong defense to prove that the complaint was on your premises illegally. They might also claim that you never knew the complainant was on your property when the accident happened. Your legal advisor may also claim that you had installed warning signs around the building as required. In this case, your attorney will argue that the plaintiff knew of the possible hazard when they entered your premises but still went ahead. For this reason, they will claim that you're not supposed to offer the complainant any payment. 

An accusation of being liable for a dog attack on your premises might make you face severe consequences. However, you should not take the blame if the compliment was partly to blame for the attack. Instead, hire a personal injury attorney to build a strong defense and represent you on your case to prove that the attack was not your fault.


13 September 2022

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